Service quality and complaints

CISSS de Lanaudière personnel is fully committed to providing outstanding, top-quality services and is completely devoted to respecting user rights.

In order to help us improve the quality of our services, we would like to hear from you. Please tell us why you are dissatisfied and submit your suggestions. To fully understand the situation, we are committed to listening to you with respect.
Let us know if you feel that your rights have not been respected or if you are dissatisfied with:

  • Access to services or the continuity or quality thereof
  • Access to information
  • The quality of human relationships and communications
  • The quality of the living environment and material resources
  • Any other issue

Please feel free to discuss your dissatisfaction with the employees you interact with or their direct superior. They will attempt to find solutions with you.

Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner

You may also file a complaint with the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner of CISSS de Lanaudière. This service is free of charge.

Do not hesitate to file a complaint. Every complaint allows us to improve the situation of several, if not all, of our clients.
You may file your complaint verbally or in writing by completing the Démarre le chargement du fichiercomplaint form

Contact the Commissioner at:
Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner
Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Lanaudière
260 Lavaltrie Street S.
Joliette, Quebec  J6E 5X7
Telephone: 450 759-5333 or toll-free 1 800 229-1152, ext. 2133
Fax: 450 756-0598
E-mail: Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction du

The Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner reports directly to the board of directors. The Commissioner is responsible for the respect of user rights and for handling complaints.
The Commissioner’s role is:

  • To receive your complaint, examine it and draw relevant conclusions
  • To issue recommendations to the health institution and board of directors with respect to improving the quality and safety of services dispensed

With the help of two deputy commissioners and one complaints advisor, the Commissioner handles complaints received against:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Family type resources (FTR)
  • Private seniors’ residences (PSR)
  • Organizations the CISSS outsources to
  • CLSCs
  • CHSLDs
  • Intermediary resources (IR)
  • Ambulance services
  • etc.

The Complaints Process

Upon receiving a complaint, the Commissioner will examine the situation to verify the facts. If the complaint relates to a physician, the Commissioner refers it to a medical examiner.

The law states that the Commissioner shall inform you in writing of the results of the examination no later than 45 days after having received your complaint.

If, after 45 days, you have not received a response from the Commissioner or if you do not agree with the conclusions drawn, you may contact the Québec Ombudsman (Protecteur du citoyen).

The Québec Ombudsman is entirely independent from health institutions and ministries. The Ombudsman will reevaluate your complaint and inform you of the final decision.

Contact the Québec Ombudsman at:
Protecteur du citoyen
525 René-Lévesque Blvd. E.
Suite 1.25
Québec, Quebec  G1R 5Y4
Toll-free: 1 800 463-5070
Fax: 1 866 902-7130
E-mail: Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction du
Website: /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altText

For additional information on the Complaint Examination System, click here:

Assistance for Submitting a Complaint
During the entire complaint process, you may obtain assistance from:

  • A person of your choice (a relative, friend, someone you trust)
  • The Users’ Committee of the health institution named in the complaint
  • The Centre d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux plaintes de Lanaudière (CAAP - Lanaudière). This service is free and confidential.

CAAP - Lanaudière
1446 De Lanaudière Street
Joliette, Quebec  J6E 3P2
Telephone:  450 759-7700 or toll-free 1 800 882-5622
Fax: 450 759-5678
E-mail: Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction du
Website: /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altText (French only)